The 7 Simpsons' Most Astonishing Prophecies That Came True

Smartwatches: A Wristful of Possibilities

Incredimate Studio brings futuristic smartwatches to life, inspired by Lisa's communicator.

Disney-Fox Merger

The Simpsons' merger prediction becomes reality, animated by Incredimate Studio with precision.

Incredimate Studio transforms Blinky into an environmental warning, echoing The Simpsons' message.

Three-Eyed Fish

Facial Recognition Technology

Incredimate Studio animates The Simpsons' tech foresight, breathing life into facial recognition.

Faulty Apple Products

Tech mishaps get a humorous twist in Incredimate Studio's animation, inspired by The Simpsons' satire.

Guitar Hero Craze

Incredimate Studio brings Bart and Homer's gaming adventures to life, blending reality with animation.

Robot Librarians

The Simpsons' quirky prediction meets Incredimate Studio's creativity, exploring the future of libraries.