How Long You Can Safely Store Canned Food, According To The USDA

Cracking the Code on Canned Food Expiry Dates

Understanding the importance of the best by date on canned food for taste and texture preservation.

Decoding Expiry Dates

Learn the shelf life of canned goods based on acidity levels and why it's more of an estimate than a strict rule.

Storing Canned Goods Like a Pro

Discover the optimal storage conditions to maintain the quality of your canned food for years to come.

Ideal Storage Conditions

Keep your canned goods safe from rust and deterioration by storing them in a cool, dry, and clean environment.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

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Smart Storage Strategies

Tips on keeping canned food off damp floors and rotating your stock to ensure freshness.

When to Say Goodbye

Recognize the signs of spoiled canned food and understand the risks associated with consuming it.