Bold and Beautiful Short Spiky Haircuts for Women

This timeless blonde pixie cut is still as stylish as it was in the early 2000s!

Classic Blonde Pixie

If you want to go for a harsh look, go for an ashy tone for your short spiky hairdo. Blonde hair can look both sophisticated and polished as well as lovely and romantic.

Tapered Pixie with Bangs

An exceptionally short cut is typically left untrimmed to allow the hair to grow naturally. But, you can achieve a spiky look with short hair if you mix in a small amount of gel and water!

Short Spikes with Acicular Texture

Everyone still recalls the media's complete disbelief when Miley chopped off all of her long, brown hair and changed into a girl sporting a fake bleach blonde hawk!

Platinum Blonde Faux Hawk

This stylish razored hairstyle features accents of golden hair. The cut's choppy texture gives it a beautifully undone appearance.

Long Pixie with Highlights

For a hot geek, this short, textured cut with bangs is so adorable and unique! This hairstyle is ideal if you are in tune with your inner nerd.

Edgy Layered Pixie for Brunettes

For the mature woman who wants to try something new with her appearance, this short messy hairstyle is perfect.

Spiky Haircut

If you're a girl with attitude who doesn't like to take things lightly, use pixie cuts that include layers with spiked ends.

Short Hair with Sass