9 Fun Workouts For Teens To Get Them Up And Active

Discover a new route on your bike 

Cycling can help you tone your muscles and sharpen your mind while burning anywhere from 450 to 750 calories in an hour.

Walk your dog

Step outside with your dog in tow to assist you in achieving your recommended daily exercise.

Master a skipping-rope routine

Online jump rope workout videos are widely available for novices. To get started, click this (external link).

Play frisbee at the park

Have a frisbee competition to introduce your friends and family to a little halthy competition.

Attend your local gym

To obtain extra encouragement, invite your friend to join you and ask the instructors how to utilize the machines you've been avoiding.

Go Swimming

Swimming helps you become more flexible, balanced, muscular, and endurance-rich.

Host a dance party

On the dance floor, become sweaty, burn calories, and use your whole body.

Carry out household chores

Performing routine housework will burn approximately 165 calories an hour on average.