8 Unique Types of Roses You Are Curious to Explore

The hybrid tea rose is renowned for its unique lime green buds that transform into a captivating double bloom. These are enduring and uncommon rose plants

Green Romantica

The St. Patrick Rose, scientifically known as Rosa 'WEKamanda', displays a vibrant lemon-yellow hue. When subjected to sunlight and high temperatures, they reveal their verdant shades.

Patrick Rose

An exceptional characteristic of the Pink Grootendorst roses is their petals adorned with fringed edges. Although the leaves of this plant appear ordinary, its flowers resemble carnations.

Pink Grootendorst

The Busy Bee, scientifically known as Rosa 'Busy Bee,' is a rare kind of rose. If you are planning to cultivate roses in a container or a small space, it is imperative that you take them into consideration.

Busy Bee Rose

The Rosa 'Claude Monet' is a scientifically named flower that has double blossoms. These blossoms have yellow and light pink tones, which are primarily arranged in streaks and stripes.

Claude Monet

The flora-tea rose is a distinct rose cultivar created by Jackson & Perkins. It combines desirable traits from both floribundas and hybrid teas.

Flawless Rose

Similar to the other roses in the Veranda collection, the Lavender Veranda roses have a small size, which makes them an excellent choice for patios.

Lavender Veranda Rose

Koko Loco, scientifically known as Rosa 'WEKbijou,' is a perennial rose tree that flourishes in direct sunlight. The buds of these plants produce a deep, chocolate brown color.

Koko Loco