8 Things You Should Always Buy Used Instead Of New

Exercise Equipment

Used exercise equipment like treadmills and dumbbells can often be found in good condition at discounted prices. Check platforms like Craigslist and local gym sales for affordable options.

Items with Lifetime Warranties

Consider buying used items with lifetime warranties, such as products from brands like Cutco and JanSport. You can reap the benefits of the warranty without extra cost if the previous owner has already paid for it.

Hand Tools

Gently used hand tools are available at great discounts, especially through platforms like Craigslist and garage sales. Ensure functionality by testing them on-site and inspecting power cords for defects.

Tech Gadgets

Save hundreds of dollars by purchasing used tech items, including open-box TVs and refurbished tablets and laptops. Check out retailers like Best Buy and Amazon Warehouse for discounted deals.

Espresso Machines

Used espresso machines can offer significant savings compared to buying new ones. Look for deals on platforms like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, ensuring functionality before purchase.

Sports Gear

Consider buying used sports gear, especially for kids who may outgrow their equipment quickly. Retailers like 2nd Time Sports and Play It Again Sports offer intact sporting goods at affordable prices.


Opting for a newer pre-owned vehicle can save you thousands of dollars compared to buying brand new. Ensure thorough inspection by a mechanic to make a wise investment.


Browse yard sales and flea markets for used furniture bargains. With a little DIY, you can transform pre-owned pieces into like-new items, saving significant amounts compared to buying new.