8 Stylish Haircut Ideas Perfect for Long Hair

Face-Framing Layers: Frame the face with layers that accentuate facial features and add softness.

Long Feathered Layers: Create feathered layers for a soft, tousled look with texture and movement.

Blunt Cut with Layers: Combine a blunt cut with subtle layers for a modern, edgy look that adds volume.

Long Shag Haircut: Opt for a long shag haircut with choppy layers for a rock 'n' roll vibe with lots of texture.

Long Pixie Cut: Go for a longer version of the pixie cut for a chic and daring look that's still versatile.

Long Bob (Lob): Try a long bob haircut for a trendy and low-maintenance style that's both elegant and modern.

Curtain Bangs: Add curtain bangs to long hair for a retro-inspired look that frames the face and adds softness.

Side-Swept Bangs: Sweep long side bangs across the forehead for a flattering and face-framing effect.