7 Best Smart Home Products for Pet Lovers

A buddy once demonstrated to me how to prepare a classic icebox cake using just cream and Graham Crackers. I add the fruit to make it even more wonderful. 

Banana Split Icebox Cake

Your graduation celebration will be transformed into a delightful event with this delectable dessert, and then some. "Its surface is ideal for personalizing in any manner.

Graduation Sheet Cake

Since my kids were born on the same day five years apart, I make a big deal out of celebrating them. With its seven layers, this beauty is "sweet!" in a lot of ways. 

Copycat Celebration Cheesecake

Perfect for a crowd, this cake has a thin layer of fudge icing and is delicate and buttery cream cheese. It is usually a hit at get-togethers and potlucks. People often come back for second and even third portions.

Cream Cheese Sheet Cake

For my son's first birthday, I created this tasty and entertaining peanut butter and jelly cake recipe. He just turned 33, yet he still demands his favorite dessert. 

Peanut Butter N Jelly Cake

I used to like eating sweets from the ice cream truck that would come through my neighborhood as a child. I was inspired to make this ice cream cake by one of those crunchy strawberry novelty foods. 

Banana Strawberry Crunch Ice Cream CakeIcebox Cake

Growing up, this chocolatey treat was one of my faves. Everyone who tastes the Texas sheet cake wants a copy of the recipe because it is so moist and the frosting is so sweet. 

Texas Sheet Cake

Family and friends love this recipe for toffee poke cake. It is very easy to make, which is why I adore it.

Toffee Poke Cake