8 Countries To Visit This Summer


Known for its Swiss Alps, fondue, and chocolates, Switzerland offers perfect weather conditions for Indian travelers. Must-visit places include Lake Geneva, Rhine Falls, and the Bernia Express.


Dubbed as the world's happiest country, Bhutan offers mystical landscapes, majestic Himalayas, and friendly locals. Highlights include Tiger Hill, Phuentsholing, Thimpu, Punakha, and Paro.

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, known as the gateway to the world, boasts photogenic spots, a vibrant art scene, and rich maritime history. Key attractions are the Port of Hamburg, St. Michael s Church, and Miniature Wunderland.


Raw and wild, Iceland fascinates with its volcanoes, hot springs, and stunning landscapes. Visit the Blue Lagoon, Gullfoss Waterfall, Reykjavik, and Akureyri for an unforgettable experience.


Bali offers a blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and vibrant nightlife. Enjoy water sports, temple visits, sunset views, and shopping sprees. Must-try dishes include nasi goreng and sate lilit.


Nepal, home to the Himalayas, offers breathtaking mountain views and rich cultural experiences. Explore Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan National Park, and iconic temples and monasteries.


Singapore charms with its modernity, diverse attractions, and culinary delights. Highlights include Sentosa Island, Universal Studios, Marina Bay, and Singapore Zoo's night safari.


Japan blends tradition with modernity, offering cherry blossoms, historic sites, and world-class attractions. Explore Tokyo, Mount Fuji, Kyoto, and savor sushi, teppanyaki, and seafood tempura.