7 Plants That Don't Be Grown Next to Each Other

Drought-Tolerant Plants and Moisture-Loving Plants:

Avoid planting drought-tolerant plants next to moisture-loving plants to prevent root rot in the former. Keep them as far apart as possible in your garden to maintain the health of both types of plants.

Gardenias With Just About Anything:

Plant gardenias separately from other plants due to their susceptibility to chronic diseases. Avoid planting them alongside other species to prevent the spread of illness.

Garlic With Other Veggies:

Plant garlic away from legumes, beans, peas, and leafy greens as it can build up sulfur in the soil, which stunts the growth of these plants. Consider planting garlic alone or with other sulfur-tolerant species.

Knockout Roses and Annabelle Hydrangeas:

Avoid planting Knockout Roses and Annabelle Hydrangeas together as they have different soil, light, and water requirements. Opt for plants with similar needs to ensure they thrive in the same environment.

Tomatoes and Potatoes:

Keep tomatoes away from potatoes, cabbage, and broccoli to avoid competition for nutrients and susceptibility to diseases like blight. These plants belong to the same family and can share the same fungal diseases.

Mint and Everything Else:

Plant mint in containers to prevent it from spreading and outcompeting other plants in the vicinity. Mint can quickly take over a space and inhibit the growth of nearby perennials and shrubs.

Monarda and Cucumbers:

Avoid planting Monarda near cucumbers to prevent the spread of powdery mildew, a fungal disease that both plants are susceptible to. Consider planting Monarda in a large planter.